Anna Wintour, Nicole Farhi, and Helena Bonham Carter attend the private view for Nicole Farhi’s debut exhibition of sculptures, ‘From The Neck Up’. September 16, 2014 London, England.

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Helena Bonham Carter with her sculpture made by Nicole Farhi at Nicole Farhi’s debut sculpture exhibition, ‘From The Neck Up’ on September 16, 2014 in London, England

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Helena Bonham Carter attending Nicole Farhi's Debut Exhibition Of Sculptures, 'From the Neck Up' with her mother, Elena (x)

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Helena Bonham Carter attending is Nicole Farhi‘s debut exhibition of sculptures, From the Neck Up 16/09/14

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Despite my battles with mental illness, I managed to pass my first year at university and I have successfully re-enrolled for second year. I never imagined I’d make it to uni, never mind passing my first year; it just goes to show that ANYBODY can achieve their dream and fight any obstacles to get there! :)


i need feminism because i just found this in a magazine aimed at 8-13 year old girls and im going to throw up

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Now as you can see in this scene, it does contain a dildo, which I specified had to be on the larger size for the joke to work. Bucky, who’s an incredibly thorough props buyer, approached me rather embarrassed one day. He took me aside and showed me a whole range of dildo’s to choose from. I think I got a hamper full of dildo’s for my goodbye present - Helena Bonham Carter (DVD commentary)

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Helena Bonham carter is so awesome!

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Helena Bonham Carter on her character Bellatrix

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